Sunday, November 12th

Hello Parents!

We are asking all of you to join us in praying for our new Pastor Aaron Burgner!!! We are soooo excited that this day is finally here! Pastor Aaron's first official week in the office is this week! We are praying that he feels overwhelmed with the prayer and support from our church as he steps into this new season on his life and our church! So please, if you will, just stop reading and clicking around, and take 2 minutes to pray over our new pastor!!!

Love you all tons, and as always please let us know if we can ever be of assistance for you and your students. We are here for you!


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Scott Jones - 4th (8th grade boys leader)
Doris Blake - 12th (8th grade girls leader)
Rick Michels - 15th (10th grade boys leader)
Ashley Jones - 26th (12th grade girls leader)

WEDNESDAY NIGHT SERVICE: "The Outsiders" | We are still in our series called "The Outsiders" tonight! We will be teaching and discussing different religions such as Jehovah's Witness, Mormonism, and Islam. Please be in prayer for our students as we discuss what Mormons believe tonight! We want to help our students know how they can interact with people of different faiths and share the truth of the Gospel effectively with them, instead of seeing them as the "enemy" or steering clear from them. It will be a great week to equip our students to share the Good News to others!

SUNDAY NIGHT GIRLS BIBLE STUDIES | This Bible study is officially done for this year! Stay tuned and we will be sharing when it will start back up in the new year!

SUNDAY NIGHT MIDDLE SCHOOL GUYS BIBLE STUDY | This Bible study is done for now, but it will start back up in the spring semester!

HIGH SCHOOL RETREAT!!! | High School Retreat is right around the corner!! Please be in prayer as our high schoolers disconnect from the day to day. We are praying that this weekend will be a time where they can grow in community with each other, grow closer to God, and have a great time doing it!

What an absolute blessing it is to be able to partner with you! You are loved deeply and appreciated. If you have any questions, we’re here for you!

Luis and Chad
Colossians 1:28-29


Dear Parents,

This week, we wrapped up our series titled “Going Rogue: What Jesus Did When He Got Angry and Frustrated.” Most of the times Jesus got angry in Scripture, it was because he was disappointed in the people with whom he was dealing. The couple of times he actually did something to show his anger, he did so in order to make a point or a deep impression.

We are left with a lot of verses in the Bible telling us that we should be slow to anger, and when we get angry, to not let it control us. This week, our students discussed how they have a choice when it comes to injustice and oppression in our world: They can decide to shift their energy into making a difference. If they’re angry about something that angers God, they have a responsibility to address it properly.
I encourage you to continue talking with your teenager about what he or she learned this week, to reinforce what students discussed in our group. Here are some questions you can use to create conversation:

  • What are the risks of us choosing to seek revenge, instead of leaving that to God?
  • Tell me what you think the phrase “righteous anger” means, and how it’s different from the kind of anger we usually think about.
  • If you feel passionate about something that angers you, what are some healthy things you can do about it?

This has been a great adventure for our students, and I pray you’ve had some awesome conversations as a family, too. Have a great week!