Sunday, February 26th

Hello Parents!
Well...WOW! I truly hope your student participated in our OnePoint Weekend last week! First, I'd like to personally thank each of you that volunteered your time to help us this past weekend! It takes a lot to make events like this happen and we couldn't without you! So Thank you so very much for everything!
There are literally no words to completely describe the way God moved throughout those 3 days. I stand amazed at His goodness and power. Our Speaker, Jamie, was absolutely in tune with what the Holy Spirit wanted to communicate through him. The sessions were so relevant and personal. And then we had the Nick Thurmond band...well, not much fills me more than watching students praise their King but somehow, this time, it was different. The Pastors have been teaching on Worship the last few Wednesday nights in HUB and there is no doubt that it hit home with many of these students. The worship was true in the deepest sense of the word. Nick really connected with them on a new level and it was a beautiful experience to be a part of.
Thank you so much for allowing us to speak truth in love to your students. We truly have the best jobs in the world!


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February Birthday are:
Melissa Rogers (5th)
Lisa Hancock (24th)
Andrew Tattrie (28th)

BENEFIT DINNER/TALENT SHOW/SILENT AUCTION AND RAFFLE: May 7th. There are MANY areas where we will need volunteers.

The immediate need is soliciting donations of services, items, sports paraphernalia, etc! HERE is the letter to use for donation requests!

If you are willing to help with this fundraiser, PLEASE contact me! I'd love to work together! Donations you have secured can be brought to me at the office any day during the week or on any Sunday!


NYC STUDENT MISSION TRIP: Click HERE for the application.

  • WHEN: July 8-15
  • TRIP COST: $975
  • MEETING: THIS SUNDAY, Feb 26th in Room 401 (aka the Senior room) 
  • DEPOSIT: $200 due Feb 26th at the meeting.
  • FUNDRAISING: opportunities and ideas will be discussed.
  • INFO: contact us @ 

VERTICAL STUDENT CAMP: July 23-28 in Odensville, Alabama!


Dear Parents,

We’re spending the next four weeks diving into the theme of church. When a lot of people hear the word church they think of a religious or holy building where you have to be on your best behavior. A common phrase is that such a place is “God’s house,” which is why many people get dressed up when they visit it. Accordingly, when they leave, they might say it’s a good time to go eat lunch “now that church is over.”

It’s as if we’re saying church is a certain place or a certain time that we can leave and be done with. But Jesus described the church quite differently, explaining that we’re called to be a community who takes part in His mission of making disciples from every walk of life. The church is not a structure or a timeslot—it’s part of our identity as followers of Jesus, and we live it out through radical hospitality, fearless conversation, genuine humility, and divine anticipation.

Consider exploring this with your son or daughter through these questions:

  • When you hear the word church, what thoughts or feelings come to mind? Why?
  • How has your faith been shaped by the way someone did or didn’t reach out to you?
  • What role does radical hospitality play in telling someone else about Jesus?

Thanks for your prayers as we begin this new study. Our hope is that in the process, we’ll all discover or rediscover how important all of this is!