Sunday, April 30th

Hello Parents!
Our new series is off! Teaching our students about how they can become leaders wherever they are has been a blast! Our hope is to see this generation become one that is excited about influencing others for the kingdom of God! We hope that this Sunday morning series is going to be beneficial to your student.

ALSO: We are starting a new Wednesday night series tonight called SOCIAL. We are going to be discussing how social media can have a negative effect on our lives. We are also going to talk about the positive ways we can use social media! Feel free to join us for the series. Our hope and prayer is not that everyone stays away from anything with electricity. Our hope and prayer is that students would use their social media to influence and help others.

* Take note: We have a change of date in our event schedule below!


If you're ever looking for more information about Student Ministry, take a look at our website. Just click here Then scroll through the tabs for events or checkout parent central for email archives!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Make their day a little brighter!
Dave Aplin - 10th
Rob Hunt - 11th
Daryl Hancock - 11th
Whitney Filippone - 14th
Lori Garrard - 16th
Holly Kelley - 24th

May 21st
Due to Pastor Jay’s last day being May 7th, we have decided to move the Talent Show to May 21st so we can set our hearts solely on our great pastor on the 7th!

There are STILL, MANY areas where we will need volunteers.

The immediate need is donations of goods, services, sports paraphernalia, and more!
If you have contacts to obtain some larger prizes such as, weekend
get-aways, fishing trips, Chef Tables, etc, and wouldn't mind connecting me with these people or companies, it would be GREATLY appreciated!

HERE is the revised letter to use for donation requests!
If you are willing to help with this fundraiser, PLEASE contact us! We'd love to work together! Donations you have secured can be brought in to the office any day during the week or on any Sunday!
Tickets are available at the Warehouse desk for parents to sign out and begin selling!

SENIOR RECOGNITION SUNDAY: May 28th! Parents of Seniors should have received a letter in the mail regarding the details of this special day! You can also view this letter on our website (above) under Recognition!


  • WHEN: June 15-22
  • MEETING: Sunday, April 30th in Room 401 (Senior Room) after the 11:00am service
  • INFO: contact us at


  • May 6th - Crispers at Lakeside Village and Downtown Lakeland! 10:30am - 9pm
  • May 19th - Chick-Fil-A North and South - turn your receipt in to be entered in to a drawing for a CFL Basket!
  • May 20th - Red Elephant!  11am - 9pm


  • WHEN: July 8-15
  • TRIP COST: $975
  • MEETING: Sunday, June 4th in Room 401 (Senior room) after the 11:00am service
  • 4th PAYMENT of: $200 due June 4th at the meeting.
  • INFO: contact us at or click HERE for the information sheet

VERTICAL STUDENT CAMP: July 23-28 in Odensville, Alabama!
$50 non-refundable deposit due at registration. The Price breaks are scheduled as follows:

  • $275 until May 7th
  • $300 May 8th - June 11th
  • $350 June 12th - July 16th

Details and online registration can be found at
Registration deposit of $50 can be made online. Deposits and any other payments can be made by phone at 863-682-0163 ext 318 or at the Warehouse desk.


Looking for an opportunity for your students to serve at the church, reach out to the community AND to have an opportunity for some of Vertical Student Camp paid for?!
2 Partial Scholarships Available!

Well today is your day! For every hour that any student volunteers at Breaking Bread Cafe their name will be placed in a drawing to win a partial scholarship to camp! Obviously the more hours they volunteer the greater chance they have to win. It is also opened up to the family members as well. So if mom, dad, sister, grandparents, etc. volunteer they would be able to put the students name in the drawing as well!

  • Hours to serve are from 4 to 7 pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
  • Volunteers will be helping set up and serve food.
  • Please sign up HERE or on the Breaking Break Cafe FB page.

What an absolute blessing it is to be able to partner with you! You are loved deeply. If you have any questions, we’re here for you!


Dear parents,

We’re continuing our series about transitioning from being a follower to being a leader. This week we will look at Philippians 2:1-8 and discuss the importance of our attitude during this transition. Verse 2 says people who follow Christ are to agree wholeheartedly, love one another, and work together with one mind and purpose.

That kind of unity can be a challenge, so our attitude makes a big difference. The right attitude shows that we follow Jesus and also helps us become Jesus-honoring leaders of other people.

A great thing you can do this week with your teenager is to memorize Philippians 2:2 together. Every week, I challenge the group to memorize a verse, so it could be fun for you to work on that together this time. As you learn it, discuss a few tangible ways your family can live out that verse in your home this week.

I also encourage you to discuss this week’s lesson with your teenager, either at home or in the car. Here are a few conversation-starters to get the ball rolling:


  1. When is it tough to have a good attitude as a follower? When is it tough to have a good attitude as a leader?
  2. What attitudes can help you become an effective follower of Jesus and of other people? What attitudes can help you become an effective leader who points people to Jesus?
  3. How can our family become more united—and improve our attitudes about following and leading?

Please keep our group and our ministry in your prayers. Have a wonderful week!