Sunday, April 2nd

Hello Parents!
This week I'd like to ask you to be sure to read the "Dear Parents" part of the curriculum piece at the bottom of the email. We truly want to be a team with you in raising might young men and young ladies for Christ and would love your feedback. Read through and let us know how we can best help you and meet needs that you may have in the teenage world you are cultivating in your own home! We look forward to hearing from all of you!


If you're ever looking for more information about Student Ministry, take a look at our website. Just click here Then scroll through the tabs for events or checkout parent central for email archives!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Make sure you wish your student's leader a wonderful day! I know it will make theirs!
Dave Aplin - 10th
Whitney Filippone - 14th
Lori Garrard - 16th
Holly Kelley - 24th

SPIRIT NIGHT FOR BRAZIL: Our next Spirit Night Fundraiser is at Tijuana Flats on South FL Ave! Join us on April 6th from 6pm - 9pm and support our Brazil bound students!

TALENT SHOW AUDITIONS: APRIL 9TH @12:30. Sign up sheet at the Warehouse desk. Grab your time slot now!

AUBURNDALE MIDDLE SCHOOL GIRLS BIBLE STUDY: Join our middle school girls on Wednesdays from 4-5:30pm for the DVD series, "Plugged In" by Doug Fields of Saddleback Church. The girls meet at the home of Robin Conrad (1503 Auburn Oaks Blvd, Auburndale, Fl. 33823) and together, they encourage each other to be plugged into God's word!

Below is the remaining schedule....

  • March 29
  • April 5 Family night CATM Auburndale
  • April 12
  • April 19

FEASTER SUNDAY: April 16th at 11:00am! Your student is invited to join us as we celebrate the empty tomb together! We are asking that each family bring a brunch type dish to add to our buffet. You can drop off any dishes in the Student Warehouse when you arrive. We will have the warmer available for food that needs to stay warm and tables will be set up for all other dishes. Once we are done eating, we will be sharing the Gospel! This is a great opportunity for your student to bring an unsaved friend!

BENEFIT DINNER/TALENT SHOW/SILENT AUCTION AND RAFFLE: May 21st. There are MANY areas where we will need volunteers.

The immediate need is donations of goods, services, sports paraphernalia, and more!

If you have contacts to obtain some larger prizes such as, weekend
get-aways, fishing trips, Chef Tables, etc, and wouldn't mind connecting me with these people or companies, it would be GREATLY appreciated!

HERE is the letter to use for donation requests!

If you are willing to help with this fundraiser, PLEASE contact me! I'd love to work together! Donations you have secured can be brought to me at the office any day during the week or on any Sunday!

SENIOR RECOGNITION SUNDAY: May 28th! parents of Seniors will soon receive a letter in the mail regarding the details of this special day! You can also view this letter on our website (above) under events/Senior Recognition!


  • WHEN: June 15-22
  • MEETING: Sunday, April 30th in Room 401 (Senior Room) after the 11:00am service
  • INFO: contact us at
  • APRIL SPIRIT NIGHTS ARE BEING ADDED TO THE CALENDAR! Please help us promote these on all of your social media accounts!

4796 S. Florida Ave. Lakeland, FL 33813
from 6:00pm - 9:00pm

Be sure to promote these on social media and word of mouth! 20% of every check will go directly toward OUR Students Brazil Mission trip! 20%! All they have to do is tell their server that they are there for Church at the Mall Student Ministry Spirit Night!


  • WHEN: July 8-15
  • TRIP COST: $975
  • MEETING: Sunday, April 23rd in Room 401 (Senior room) after the 11:00am service
  • 3rd PAYMENT of: $200 due April 30th at the meeting.
  • INFO: contact us at or click HERE for the information sheet

VERTICAL STUDENT CAMP: July 23-28 in Odensville, Alabama!

Details can be found at

Dear Parents,

When your teenager talks about youth group, I’m sure you haven’t always understood everything. We share a lot of inside jokes with people we care about, and we want youth group to be a place where students feel part of a shared faith journey.

That’s why we are exploring the concept of inside jokes and insider language this week. Those can be a bad thing if they create walls, but Jesus uses them to create bridges.

Thanks for all you do to welcome us into your family’s faith journey. If you’d ever like to connect, know the door is open. Consider using these questions to begin a conversation with your teenager this week:

  • As you think about your spiritual journey, what role does youth group play? What role can I play? Where do you see—or want to see—any overlap?
  • What have you learned about Jesus that I could pay more attention to myself?
  • When have you felt Jesus using a person or situation to say something so personal it was meant just for you?

Thanks again for letting us partner with you in helping your teenager grow in Jesus!

“This foolish plan of God is wiser than the wisest of human plans, and God’s weakness is stronger than the greatest of human strength” (1 Corinthians 1:25).