Sunday, April 9th

Hello Parents!
We could not be more thrilled to partner with you on this journey that your teenager is on as they are growing and maturing in their faith. It is incredibly exciting, but also challenging. We encourage you to check out the “Dear Parents” section of the email to check out what your students will be digging into for Sunday morning and how you can grow deeper together in the Word and in the faith of our Lord.
* Take note: We have a change of date in our event schedule below!


If you're ever looking for more information about Student Ministry, take a look at our website. Just click here Then scroll through the tabs for events or checkout parent central for email archives!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Make sure you wish your student's leader a wonderful day! I know it will make theirs!
Dave Aplin - 10th
Whitney Filippone - 14th
Lori Garrard - 16th
Holly Kelley - 24th

TALENT SHOW AUDITIONS: THIS SUNDAY APRIL 9TH @12:30! The signup sheet will be at the Warehouse desk. Make sure your student grabs thier time slot now!

FEASTER SUNDAY: April 16th at 11:00am! Your student is invited to join us as we celebrate the empty tomb together! We are asking that each family bring a brunch type dish to add to our buffet. You can drop off any dishes in the Student Warehouse when you arrive. We will have the warmer available for food that needs to stay warm and tables will be set up for all other dishes. Once we are done eating, we will be sharing the Gospel! This is a great opportunity for your student to bring an unsaved friend!

AUBURNDALE MIDDLE SCHOOL GIRLS BIBLE STUDY: Join our middle school girls on Wednesdays from 4-5:30pm for the DVD series, "Plugged In" by Doug Fields of Saddleback Church. The girls meet at the home of Robin Conrad (1503 Auburn Oaks Blvd, Auburndale, FL 33823) and together, they encourage each other to be plugged into God's word!

Below is the remaining schedule....

  • April 5 Family night CATM Auburndale (No Bible Study tonight)
  • April 12
  • April 19

Due to the Pastors last day being May 7th, we have decided to move the Talent Show to May 21st so we can set our hearts solely on Pastor Jay on the 7th!

There are STILL, MANY areas where we will need volunteers.
The immediate need is donations of goods, services, sports paraphernalia, and more!

If you have contacts to obtain some larger prizes such as, weekend
get-aways, fishing trips, Chef Tables, etc, and wouldn't mind connecting me with these people or companies, it would be GREATLY appreciated!

HERE is the revised letter to use for donation requests!
If you are willing to help with this fundraiser, PLEASE contact us! We'd love to work together! Donations you have secured can be brought in to the office any day during the week or on any Sunday!

We will have the tickets available at the Warehouse desk this Sunday for parents to sign out and begin selling!

SENIOR RECOGNITION SUNDAY: May 28th! Parents of Seniors should have received a letter in the mail regarding the details of this special day! You can also view this letter on our website (above) under Recognition!


  • WHEN: June 15-22
  • MEETING: Sunday, April 30th in Room 401 (Senior Room) after the 11:00am service
  • INFO: contact us at

APRIL SPIRIT NIGHTS ARE ON THE CALENDAR! Please help us promote these on all of your social media accounts!

  • April 6th - Tijuana Flats
  • April 12th - PDQ
  • April 23rd - Red Elephant

Be sure to promote these on social media and word of mouth! All they need to do is tell their server that they are there for Church at the Mall Student Ministry Spirit Night and Tijuana Flats will donate a portion of the evenings proceeds back to our Students!


  • WHEN: July 8-15
  • TRIP COST: $975
  • MEETING: Sunday, April 23rd in Room 401 (Senior room) after the 11:00am service
  • 4th PAYMENT of: $200 due April 23rd at the meeting.
  • INFO: contact us at or click HERE for the information sheet

VERTICAL STUDENT CAMP: July 23-28 in Odensville, Alabama!

Details can be found at

Dear Parents,

Some of the best comedians point out previously unrecognized absurdities in everyday things. Maybe they just stare at quirky stuff longer than we do, but their observational humor deftly intersects with important themes such as family, relationships, and work.

Maybe that’s why Jesus was a carpenter and lived among humanity for 30 years before beginning his ministry. Author Dallas Willard addresses that in The Divine Conspiracy:

“If [Jesus] were to come today as he did then, he could carry out his mission through most any decent and useful occupation. He could be a clerk or accountant in a hardware store, a computer repairman, a banker, an editor, doctor, waiter, teacher, farmhand, lab technician, or construction worker. He could have run a housecleaning service or repaired automobiles. In other words, if he were to come today, he could very well do what you do. He could very well live in your apartment or house, hold down your job, have your education and life prospects, and live within your family surroundings and time. None of this would be the least hindrance to the eternal kind of life that was his by nature and becomes available to us through him.” [Dallas Willard, The Divine Conspiracy: Rediscovering Our Hidden Life in God (San Francisco, CA: HarperOne, 1998), 14.]

Jesus is part of our day-to-day lives, more than we often realize. This week we looked at how he interrupted Peter in the middle of a workday. A carpenter telling a fisherman how to work has all the makings of slapstick—or a revolution. We know it was the latter because it’s still affecting us, and strangely enough, Jesus is calling us to fish for people, too.

Try discussing these questions with your teenager this week:

  • Who are some of your favorite comedians or cartoon characters? What do you enjoy most about their type of humor?
  • What things do you find funny about everyday life? Maybe it’s something that doesn’t seem funny until you really think about it.
  • Do you think Jesus tends to interrupt people or just wait until they’re ready to hear from him? Explain.

I hope this helps you invest in your teenager. Let me know how I can serve you with this!

“Jesus called out to them, ‘Come, follow me, and I will show you how to fish for people!’ ” (Matthew 4:19).