Sunday, July 9th

Hello Parents!

Hopefully you have had a chance to take a vacation (or maybe just a day off) this summer! If you haven't, just pause for a second...take a deep more...see? Isn't that nice! Ok, back to business! We are so excited that Vertical is right around the corner! Things are rocking and rolling in the preparation and we could not be more pumped about what God is going to do in a couple weeks!

Here are some things coming up that you should know about!


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Vince Filippone – 3rd
Juli Clayton – 7th

SUMMER PROGRAMMING: We began our summer programming on June 7th and we have had a blast! In case you’ve been out of town or just been in vacation mode, here is the rest of the schedule! You don’t want to miss a thing! MIDDLE SCHOOL is having theme nights at the church and HIGH SCHOOL is having in home fellowships. Make sure your students don’t miss out on all the action going on Wednesday nights this summer! Please know that parents and small group leaders alike are more than welcome and encouraged to come and be a part of these times!

MIDDLE SCHOOL: On Wednesday nights from 6 to 8 pm we are having a blast playing games, hanging out, and learning about the attributes of God in a devotional time. Our midweek summer events are geared towards middle schoolers and their friends to provide a fun and exciting experience, centered on Jesus. If you have any questions, contact Pastor Chad Daugherty at (865) 748-6298.

Summer Schedule for Middle School:

  • July 5th (TONIGHT!!) | Cavity Night: THERE WILL BE A CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN! Bring your favorite bag of candy to share! 
  • July 12th | Game Show Night: We will play some super fun and hilarious games!
  • July 19th | LEGO Batman Movie Night: We will be watching a movie in our own movie theater!

HIGH SCHOOL: We are meeting at different houses throughout the summer with food, fun, and fellowship! A different student/leader will share a devotional each week and we will even have worship for a few of the nights. We want to provide a minimally structured night where high school students can hang out, build relationships, and dig into the Word! If you have any questions, contact Pastor Luis Ruiz at (863) 899-4761.
Summer Schedule for High School:

  • July 5th (TONIGHT!!) | BEACH HOUSE: We will have food, Frisbee, football, and board games!
  • July 12th | MONTANEZ HOUSE: Full size basketball court, Frisbee, and corn hole! The address is 3602 Pinedale Drive, Lakeland, FL 33811
  • July 19th | ANTLEY HOUSE: There will be football, Frisbee, food, and board games. Feel free to bring a bathing suit and your own towel because there is also a pool. Guys, no speedos (because no one wants to see that). Girls, modest one piece.

We are holding a summer Bible study for middle and high school students on Tuesday afternoons from 2 – 3:30 pm in the middle school room (460). Your students can join others as we open up and dig in to God’s Word.  Don’t miss out on this fun time of fellowship and spiritual growth!
HIGH SCHOOL GIRLS BIBLE STUDY: Sunday evenings 6/18 – 7/9 from 6:30 – 8pm. at the home of Katie Beach. 2618 High Ridge Dr Lakeland 33812: gate code: 1838 If you have any questions, Katie’s number is 817-368-9818


  • WHEN: July 8-15
  • PLEASE keep us in prayer as we minister to two different churches next week!
  • INFO: contact us at

VERTICAL STUDENT CAMP: July 23-28 in Odensville, Alabama!
The price for camp is $350 and final balances need to be paid in full by the July 16th Parent meeting.
Details and online registration can be found at
The non-refundable Registration deposit of $50 can be made online. Deposits and any other payments can be made by phone at 863-682-0163 ext 318, dropped off at the church office or at the Warehouse desk any Sunday.


  • There is a new medical form that will need to be signed by all going to Vertical 2017.
  • Also, if your student has turned 18 years old, they will need to fill out a new Mall Students waiver that is to be signed by them.

What an absolute blessing it is to be able to partner with you! You are loved deeply and appreciated. If you have any questions, we’re here for you!

Luis Ruiz | High School Pastor
(863) 899-4761
Colossians 1:28-29


Dear parents,
We’re continuing our series on “No Regrets,” where students are learning how to leave the past in the past. This week we will explore Luke 5:36-38, where Jesus offered examples about making things new. We will also discuss what cloth, wineskins, and wine have to do with living with no regrets.
Please spend a few minutes this week talking with your teenager about our lesson. You can use these questions to launch your discussion:

  • Why does it often seem safer to cling to old things? What are the drawbacks of doing this?
  • What about Jesus’ teaching is toughest to live out in your own life?
  • How has knowing Jesus made things new for you?

We appreciate your support and prayers for our ministry. We pray that you’re richly blessed as you experience new life with Jesus!