Sunday, September 24th

Hello Parents!

We hope and pray that after hurricane Irma, you and your family are beginning to get back to the normalcy of life. Hopefully all the trees and limbs are cleared, and power is restored! Here at the church, we are still experiencing some power issues, so be sure to continue reading to know exactly what that means for you and your student regarding Wednesday night service. Just because the lights are out in some parts of the church, the Light of the World is still all powerful and we will worship the Holy name of Jesus!

Here is some info to stay connected, and as always, if there is anything we can do for you, just let us know!


If you ever miss an email or need to find out more info on any of our upcoming events, just click here

Steve Githens (8th grade guys small group leader) – 5th
Cindy Beaudreault (the glue that holds us together) – 10th
Crystal Tattrie (7th grade girls small group leader)– 14th
Michell Githens (Welcome desk helper)– 14th
Lisa Lynn (9th grade girls small group leader) – 15th
Jimmy Lynn (9th grade guys small group leader) – 29th

WEDNESDAY NIGHT SERVICE | We are having worship tonight!!! However, due to loss of power continuing to be an issue here at the church, we are going to have a Family Wednesday Night worship service tonight! (Praise God we have power in part of the church!) Service will be at 6:15 and will be held in the Now Center (the west wing of the church near Faith Riders and Compassion House). We will have preschool and children's ministry available during this time. Students will join the adults in the Now Center for a time of worship and song and in God's Word. It will be a great time to worship as a church body together!

SUNDAY NIGHT GIRLS BIBLE STUDIES | On September 24th we will start our middle school and high school girls Bible studies and going through the book of 1 Peter! Groups will meet every week at their specific homes until November 5th.
Middle school girls will meet at Johnny and Kelli Chestnut's home (1503 S Warren Ave. Lakeland, FL (33803) from 6:30 to 8:00 pm.
If you are a middle school leader and would like to help, please contact Crystal Tattrie at (863) 255-9056.
High school girls will meet at Pastor Sean and Katie Beach's home (2618 High Ridge Dr. Lakeland, FL 33812) from 6:30 to 8:00 pm.
If you are a high school leader and would like to help, please contact Katie Beach at (817) 368-9818.

SUGAR RUSH | OCTOBER 25th: Start thinking about your costume! (And make those dentist appointments too!)

HIGH SCHOOL RETREAT | NOVEMBER 10TH & 11TH: This is our third annual high school retreat! We will be going to Cocoa Beach for two days to have a time of team building, leadership training, and a ton of fun! We will stay at Country Inn and Suites in Cape Canaveral. Early bird price is $85 if your student signs up by October 29th. After the the price will be $95. Mark your calendars because your student will not want to miss it!
There will be a very important parent meeting for High School Retreat after student connect groups on November 5th.

What an absolute blessing it is to be able to partner with you! You are loved deeply and appreciated. If you have any questions, we’re here for you!

Luis and Chad
Colossians 1:28-29


Dear parents,

In the third lesson of our “Servant Leadership” series, we will explore John 21, where Jesus prepared a meal over an open fire for his disciples. He did this even though he was the resurrected Lord of Life! This simple yet amazing act reveals Jesus’ leadership style: He’s a loving ruler who serves his people.

This week, I encourage you to spend a few minutes talking with your teenager about our lesson. (To create a good environment for conversation, you might want to make a home-cooked meal. Teenagers can be more talkative when food is involved!)

Here are some questions to start your conversation:

  • What’s your favorite home-cooked meal? What kind of work goes into preparing that?
  • Why do you think Jesus went to the trouble to cook a meal for his disciples?
  • By cooking for them, what was Jesus showing his disciples? What does that say about Jesus’ love? about his leadership style?
  • How do simple, everyday acts of service express love?
  • This week, how can we serve others in simple ways that show we care?

Thanks for letting us partner with you in ministry. We appreciate your prayers for all our students!