Sunday, January 7th

Hello Parents!

Happy New Year!! We hope you had an amazing Christmas and New Years break! God did some incredible things in 2017 and we can't wait to see how He moves in 2018! We are ready to hit the ground running this year with a couple great events for our students! Make sure you mark your calendars for OnePoint Weekend!!! More information below! We are so excited for what is in store this year and we hope you will join us in praying for each and every student that walks through these doors to receive the gift of salvation!

Love you all tons, and as always please let us know if we can ever be of assistance for you and your students. We are here for you.


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Randy Crosby - 9th (11th grade boys leader)
Ashley Webb - 21st (11th grade girls leader)

WEDNESDAY NIGHT: | There is no Wednesday night programming church wide tonight. Continue to enjoy this time together as a family!  We will resume Wednesday night programming on January 10th!

HUB KICKOFF!!! | Wednesday, January 17th is our student worship kickoff for the new year!!! This will be an awesome night of worship, games, and opening up God’s Word.  This will also be a great opportunity for student to bring their friends!

IMPORTANT DATES TO KNOW: | We want you and your family to be aware of the following important dates here at the church:

  • January 21st | 2018 Family Ministry Parent Meeting in the Life Training Center. There are 2 options to choose from: 9:30am and 11:00am. Join us for a look into all of the exciting things we have panned for all of our Family Ministry Departments in 2018! New paperwork will be needed for all kids for the new year as well, so, please bring your insurance cards with you! See you there!

ONE POINT WEEKEND!! | It's time to mark your calendars!! One Point weekend is February 16-18! The best way to describe this event is Student Camp, packed into one weekend! We are bringing in a speaker and band from Tampa and we are so excited! We will be staying in host homes here in town and will have sessions at the church! The cost for OnePoint Weekend will be $75 if you sign up by January 28th and then $85 from January 29th - February 11th.
IF YOU WOULDN'T MIND BEING A HOST HOME FOR THIS EVENT, REACH OUT TO CINDY TO GET MORE INFORMATION!! IF you would like to help out but aren't sure of the details of being a host home, click HERE! We will keep you up to date on more information about this event as the weeks go on!

MIDDLE SCHOOL MISSION TRIP! | We will be taking middle school students (grades 6ththrough 8th) on a mission trip to Miami during Spring Break!  We will be partnering with Christ Fellowship, a very prominent church in the Miami community. It will be a great time for our middle school students to be the hands and feet of Jesus! The dates for the trip are March 26-28 and the cost is $75! More details to follow soon!

TALENT SHOW AND BENEFIT DINNER!! | (April 22 6:00pm-8:00pm) Our third annual Talent Show and Benefit Dinner is coming up quick!! This is a great opportunity for students to raise money for camp! We will have a silent auction, a dinner with excellent service, and of course amazing student talent! Please consider being a part of this event to help us raise money! The biggest way you can help is by helping us get businesses to donate goods and services for our silent auction! HERE is a letter that you can print out and hand to whatever business is willing to donate items. The ultimate goal is to help students go to Vertical Student Camp so that they can disconnect with the world and connect to an amazing God!!!

What an absolute blessing it is to be able to partner with you! You are loved deeply and appreciated. If you have any questions, we’re here for you!

Colossians 1:28-29
Luis and Chad


Dear parents,
We are beginning a new two-lesson series on authority—not always the most popular topic among teenagers, but a worthwhile topic to discuss.
In this first lesson, we will focus on respecting God and people in authority over us. God’s authority in our lives is the ultimate authority. God loves us so deeply, and he is pointing us toward the best possible life for us. Respecting his choices for our lives and submitting to his authority in all things will lead us to a fulfilled life. God has placed many different people in positions of authority over us, and he uses those relationships to lead us toward his best as well.
This week, initiate a conversation with your son or daughter. Before you talk, review Romans 13:1-7 and then talk to your teenager about respect. Highlight ways in your life that you have been respectful to God and other authorities in your life. Talk about ways that you have struggled with respecting God’s authority and the authority of others. Ask your teenager to share his or her perspective, too.
Lesson 2 will focus on obedience—should be another great conversation! Have an awesome week!