Hello Parents!

If you haven’t heard, Wednesday, October 31st, we will be meeting at the Auburndale campus to help out with the Fall Festival!! There will be games, inflatables, and tons of candy!! That’s where you come in! We need help collecting lots and lots of candy! We have some collection stations scattered throughout the church and we would love it if you could donate a bag or two of candy! We want to do our absolute best to love on the city of Auburndale by making this event fun and exciting so that visitors will want to come back and hear all about the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

Love you all tons, and as always please let us know if we can ever be of assistance to you and your students. We are here for you.


These are the big events that are coming up in our student ministry!
Please go to for more information!

We are so excited to spend October 31st in Auburndale as a student ministry! Programming at our Lakeland campus will be cancelled so we can all serve and participate in the Fall Festival at Church at Auburndale. This will be an incredible time to come together as one church, and love on the city of Auburndale. Students will be helping with games and passing out candy. If you are able or willing, would you please donate a bag of candy for this event? We will be collecting candy at our student welcome desk on Wednesday nights and Sunday mornings! The more candy the better!

We are deep into our teaching series on Wednesday nights called “Meta” looking at the big picture, or meta-narrative, of the Bible and the ONE story that it tells, God's plan to redeem and restore His creation! If you have never been to a student service, we encourage you to come and check it out! We love it when parents step in to see what we are all about!!!

Looking for a cheap and easy way to feed the family before church? No problem! Every Wednesday night (that’s right EVERY Wednesday night!) at 5pm a meal will be provided at a family friendly price in the Skylight area! We would love for you to come out and eat with us!

In our ministry, we believe that students are the best ones to lead students. All In is a student leadership opportunity to get plugged in to lead in our student ministry. Our next All In meeting will be Sunday, October 7th at 8:15am (Meet in the Warehouse).

HIGH SCHOOL RETREAT IS HERE! | November 9th-10th
This year we will partner with Word of Life to be part of an event called Reverb! It will be an all-nighter in Orlando that will consist of an Orlando Magic basketball game, indoor go karts, archery tag, basketball, volleyball, ice skating and so much more! Word of life will be sharing the Gospel, so it would be a great event for students to invite their unsaved friends! The price is $55 if you sign up by Oct. 21th. From Oct. 22th –Nov. 4th the price goes up to $75! The price for unsaved friends is $30. Register on-line HERE or at the welcome desk in the student warehouse. Our parent meeting is scheduled for November 4th immediately following the 10:45am service.

We are so excited about our Middle School Girl’s Night Event. This “Fall in Love with Jesus” all-night event will be filled with games, food, crafts and so much more!! The Middle School Girl Leaders continue to encourage your daughter to build friendships within their youth group and deepen their walk with the Lord, but we need more time to do that~~so what could be better than a fun-filled ALL-GIRLS SLEEP OVER PARTY!! The leaders have some really neat things planned for your daughter to participate in, plus we have a very special guest that will be sharing evening devotions with the girls. The price for this event is $10 to cover food and crafts. Registration starts this Sunday at the Student Welcome Desk.

We love and care about the families in our ministry so deeply, and our heart is to serve you and your family in the best way that we can! If there is anything we can do to help, please feel the freedom to let us know.

Luis and Chad
Colossians 1:28-29


Dear Parents,

We just completed our first lesson about life’s gray areas. To help us make the right decision when the path seems unclear or difficult, we continued examining Paul’s first letter to the Corinthian Christians. These young Jesus-followers were making choices that didn’t honor Christ, so Paul wanted to offer them wisdom for better decision-making.

In 1 Corinthians 6:19-20, Paul reminds the church members that they aren’t their own. Instead, they were “bought with a high price” (6:20)—Jesus’ suffering and death on the cross. When we understand that we are God’s—through Christ’s sacrifice—we will realize that we need to look to Jesus, not our own desires, in life’s gray areas.

Please try to spend a few minutes this week talking with your teenager about our lesson. Whether you do this at home or in the car, use these questions to launch a conversation:

  • For teenagers, why do so many of life’s gray areas revolve around sexual temptation? To you, what choices in this area seem the most clear-cut? the most fuzzy or gray?

  • How does your view of your body change when you consider the high price Jesus paid for you?

  • Why is it pointless to follow anyone but Jesus? How has he helped you handle choices about what to do with your body?

We appreciate all your prayers for our ministry. They make a difference for our young people—and for us. Have a great week!