Sunday, March 11th

Hello Parents!

We would love to take a moment to brag on our students for just a moment. For the past couple of weeks, we have been challenging our students to share the Good News of Jesus and to invite their friends to church. Last week we saw our students accept that challenge, and they brought a ton of visitors! We saw so many new faces! And because of that there were many conversations about the Truth of God, decisions to grow deeper in their commitment to Jesus, and one visitor accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior! As Easter approaches, we want to keep this going! Join us in praying that our students will continue to bring their lost friends, share the Gospel, and be a light that shines bright for Jesus!

Love you all tons, and as always please let us know if we can ever be of assistance to you and your teenagers. We are here for you.


These are the big events that are coming up in our student ministry! 
Please go to  for more information!


  • When: THIS SATURDAY!!! March 10th from 9am-1pm
  • Who: All middle school and high school guys
  • Where: Church at the Mall
  • Cost: $10 
  • Bonuses: We will have knockerball, dodgeball, and will provide breakfast and lunch. BYOM (Bring your own meat...optional). Students can bring steaks, sausages, pork chops, brauts, chicken, or whatever else they want, and we will grill it up for them!! Or they can just show up and we will have hamburgers and hot dogs.
  • Sign up online right HERE!!


  • Who: Grades 6th - 8th
  • When: March 26-28, 2018
  • Cost: $75 (Payments are made HERE to secure a spot on the trip)
  • The informational parent packet can be viewed HERE
  • Come to the Welcome Desk on Sunday mornings or Wednesday evenings to register
  • Contact Pastor Chad if you have any questions:

We’re going to Nicaragua!  Will you come with us?  Join Pastor Sean for a brief interest meeting after church on Sunday, March 11 in the Senior Room.  Some quick details:

  • We are partnering with Orphan’s Heart.  
  • This trip is for High School students.
  • The trip dates are June 16-22.
  • Cost is around $2,000 (Don’t worry, we’ll fundraise)
  • Spots are limited

Hope to see you all at the interest meeting on the 11th!

Sunday evenings from 6:30 to 8 pm at the Beach home. Contact Katie at (817) 368-9818 with any questions. details can be found HERE

Sunday nights from 6 to 7:30 pm. Please contact Pastor Chad with any questions @ (865) 748-6298.

This is a wonderful night for all middle school and high school girls! There will be food, fun, and sweet fellowship! Make plans to be at Girls' Night April 6th! More information can be found HERE.

We love and care about the families in our ministry so deeply, and our heart is to serve you and your family in the best way that we can! If there is anything we can do to help, please feel the freedom to let us know.

Luis and Chad
Colossians 1:28-29


Dear parents,
We’re continuing our series focusing on Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection. Each week, students are examining a different passage of Scripture to examine the WHAT and the WHY surrounding Jesus’ crucifixion and His empty tomb.
In this second lesson, we will explore 1 Peter 1, where the Apostle Peter explains how much we were “ransomed” by God because of God’s great love for us. However, we will learn that the price of ransom was incredible, costing Jesus His life on the cross. As a result, we now have both the responsibility and the ability to live new lives in obedience to God’s patterns.
This week, we encourage you to spend a few minutes talking with your teenager about our lesson. Consider incorporating these questions:

  • Why did we need to be ransomed by Jesus? Were we kidnapped by something?
  • As followers of Jesus, how are we “foreigners” here on earth?
  • How does knowing this help you to make the right decisions if you were to face difficult situations in your life?

Have a great week!